"The dog do other than to their Haircut expensive"

"The dog do other than to their Haircut expensive." Yesterday, the Optics Valley white collar Miss bell to pay 130 yuan beauty, for their dog pruning the new modeling. According to miss Chung, her family's dog in the summer of three months, bathing, shaving, trimming nails and other expenses to one thousand yuan. She admitted that she had only a quarter of the hair, each time only 30 dollars.

Reporter visited found that the more open Wuhan pet beauty shop, which is known as the star of the pet beauty club. These high-end pet consumer market demand for related personnel also increased significantly.

According to the beginning of the human resources market, the person in charge, in July the market in the recruitment, the first time the Pet Beauty Club Recruitment senior technician approach, but not many people meet the requirements.

"The only pet beautician occupation of more than ten years, personnel engaged in this industry is not much, senior personnel less, can not meet the current needs of the Wuhan market." Wuhan, a pet beauty school principal introduction. It is reported that there are qualified pet beautician ABC is divided into three levels, C can take to wash, cut the dog groomer dog (general style PET) and dog care, a monthly salary of 3000 yuan. B is equipped with only need to take beautician assistant, the other high-end pet, a monthly salary of 5000 yuan. And a pet beautician can according to the pet to cut out the bones to participate in the competition of the other, a monthly salary of over a million standard.

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